UnderGear completed & billed a cancelled order and will not refund the returned product

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I ordered a pair of swim trunks by mistake as I had already ordered the trunks the previous week.

I called within an hour of placing the second order online to cancel. I was told the order was cancelled. I was billed for the order and did a stop payment on my credit card. I later received the second pair of swim trunks so I did not further pursue the stop payment via my credit card.

I called regarding another charge on my credit card but was told it was the result of the delayed charge from the first swim trunks ordered three months prior.

I asked about returning the second pair of swim trunks to at least get a refund for one pair of trunks I did not want after being charged three times for two orders. I was told I could return the trunks. I mailed them back the next day.

I called two weeks later and was told that they were not received yet but could be in the warehouse processing. I was told to check back in about a week.

I realize I made a mistake in placing a second order for the swim trunks but called immediately to rectify my mistake. However, I have now paid for swim trunks three times. I have one pair that I have paid twice for and returned one pair that I have not received a refund for. Basically, I have paid three times for one pair of swim trunks.

I received an email response stating that they needed a tracking number. This seems peculiar since the item was returned using the company's own return bag. Nonetheless, I found and provided the information.

I have yet to hear a response or get a refund.

I have never had issues ordering with International Male or any time with UnderGear until this past summer.

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Follow up: Undergear, almost three months later, eventually refunded $30 towards the cost of the swim trunks.

Undergear inconsiderate customer service

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Undergear failed to adhere to their own policy on a back ordered item.After repeated delays on an order I received notification that unless I respond to the latest notification of delay that my order would be cancelled.

I did not respond so as to allow the order to cancel, because I was beyond frustrated at that point. Unfortunately, Undergear decided to ship this order anyway at a time that I was out of town, creating complications for me. When I spoke to Eric in their customer Service center I did not get the sense that he was empowered to offer any resolution that says Undergear cares about customer service.

I have been inconvenienced by their error.And fixing their error requires that I inconvenience myself further.

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